15 September 2007


Last night, I made pumpkin bread (already gone), cinnamon-apple coffee cake, and breakfast pizza.  The breakfast pizza was such a cool recipe and it gave me ideas for a few other things, most notably that a tube of crescent roll dough can provide a tasty crust for many dishes.  It unravels into triangle pieces, making it easy to cover the bottom of a pan as the pieces are uniform and fit nicely together.  The dough is not too sweet and doesn't overpower the dish.  I'll use it next time I make pizza of any sort.

I fried sausage, but you can use bacon or go without, and covered the dough, then I scattered frozen home fries and poured a mixture of eggs, milk, and cheese over it.  Popped it in the oven and that was that!  Easy prep, easy clean-up, tasty dish.  and russ, i don't think you could say that it's too healthy!  grins.

Saffron has an old leather boot string that she has had since she was a newborn.  Earlier today I saw her playing with it, and she looked so funny that I just had to share.  She's kinda big (I think) for not quite 5 months, but she was so kittenish.  Anyway, she had wadded the string up, stuffed it in her mouth, with her cheeks a bit puffed (really, not much room for a cat to puff their cheeks), and a few loops of the string escaping her mouth so that it looked like she was doing some serious chowing down on spaghetti.

Also, Saffron wheezes a bit when she is asleep.  It's sorta like snoring, but very high pitched and whistly.  cats don't get whistling snots, do they?  i didn't think so.  at first when i heard the sound, i thought it was me having some lingering reaction to dust and such.  but nope!  it was lil miss sassi!

alright, that was too much cuteness in this entry.  it's smothering me.


  1. It's normal for cats to have snotty noses at times...they get allergies just like we do.


  2. I have two wheezy cats ... in the fall.  Then they snuggle and snore during the winter.  Spring and summer finds them just shedding like crazy!  :)


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