24 September 2007

Madd Props, fo' schizzle

Most of you know some of the folks listed over there, to the left.  More than likely not all of you know all the others of you.  So here we go!

Meet Russ, the doodlin' dude.  He inspires creativity, makes no ill judgements, but is no pollyanna by any means.  'mark his site, cuz there is no way you can delve deep enough in one sitting.  Unless you sit for several days at a time.  With a catheter and a poop-bag.

Then there is Jimmy's stupid sheet.  As he says, he tries to write funny takes on things that annoys him, otherwise it would seem he needs laxatives.  And plenty of them.  The good kind that move ya massively.

Heather, the Dooce dudette, keeps it real with her own twisted sense of reality that speaks to me.  And plenty of others.  She's been blogging for hella long time and you get to go thru some pretty drastic life changes with her over the years.  Meet her husband, Jon, who keeps his own brief blog, mostly in photo format.  They have a daughter, Leta, who both speak of and to often.

Judith is a bit more contemplative, from an artsy perspective.  An incredibly humble and modest woman who is amazing in her capacity to embrace others in this world.  She encourages expression, in whatever form, esp with her monthly call for the Artsy Essays.

Dan's a bit demented, and for that, we all love him.

Vicki shakes her maracas and has lots to say and lots to share and lots to link.

Cathy's is a private journal, and I keep forgetting that.  But she maybe might start a public one and if she does, I'll let ya know and send you over for a good look see read.

I've only come across Crystal myself, but already I've read thru enough to snicker and snort over.

Then there are the other two sites, my old journal, the original Debra's Daily Dose and those silly captioned pix over at I Can Has Cheezburger?

Go check it!


  1. I'm not demented.  I just look that way because everyone else is a little too sane.  

    Oh!  And thanks for the crazy mad props, yo!  

    Peace out Gangsta,

  2. Oh you're very nice to mention me and I must say, since you came so highly recommended from our dear departed friend Walt ... it's how you got in!  Make no mistake -- he wasn't fibbing and I'm glad I opened the door.  ;)

  3. Awww.  Thanks the props and the shizzle!  It's been so long since anybody gave me either!  ;)



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