30 September 2007

Le Mon says,


I couldn't sleep.  I took my sleepee-time nite meds and still couldn't sleep.  sigh.  So I started to review my latin learning.  i thought that would put me to sleep.  it didn't.  it seems that learning, even if it is latin, stimulates the ol noggin.  whodathunkit?

and since the latin grammar is a very old text (well, relatively speaking), and some of the stuff seems familiar (like the actual examples), i'm thinking that it was the same reader used when i was a student in mrs. boyer's class.  and when my mom was a student in mrs boyer's class.  and when mrs boyer was but a mere maiden learning latin herself.

in fact, i am sure that it is the same primer oft quoted in many a movie.  ya know that scene where the boys in their short-pants and slicked hair are studiously bent over their desks laboriously declining nouns and conjugating verbs.  and the pinched face teacher drones on in a monotone while pacing with her pointer, ready to thahWhack any hapless boy with straying attention.

agricola, agricolae...

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  1. Try a benadryl/melatonin combo along with your other sleep meds.  That oughtta do it!!  I'm loving melatonin lately.



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