18 September 2007

Cracking Up

Dudes!  I have found a new author (at least for me, he's new) and I'll be starting "(Jack Spratt Investigates) The Big Over Easy" (A Nursery Crime) by Jasper Fforde while my bread bakes.  In Jack's previous case, he fails to convict three crafty pigs suspected of a certain wolf's murder.  In this tale, it's Easter, a bad time for eggs, and 126 shattered pieces of Humpty Dumpty end up in the morgue.  Jack and his partner Sergeant Mary Mary must puzzle thru HD's sordid history while navigating tricky plots like the one involving a problematic beanstalk in order to point this one to bed.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like something I probably wouldn't "get" at first.  I'm feeling very stupid these days.

    Gonna go curl up with an "Archie" comic book and call it a night.  (SIGH)



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