06 September 2007

further adventures of Domestic Debra

do NOT make the grapenut casserole, i love grapenuts and i am usually pretty easy going toward food in general but grapenut casserole does not taste good.  maybe i didn't let it cook long enough, but yuck!  shudder.  it has good stuffs that would taste great when blended, like sugar, eggs, vanilla, grapenuts and baked.  but dude!  it smelled like popcorn and tasted awful.

hope i'm not pregnant.  i've heard that does weird things to a woman's taste/smell-buds.


  1. hmmmm...

    on the bright side, you'll have PLENTY to blog about!  ;)



  2. Pregnant? Where you worried you might be before this? I'm not a huge fan of grapenuts, so that didn't appeal to me. (Hugs) Indigo

  3. LOL, good lord, grapenut casserole? I'll take your advice on this one, thanks!


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