27 September 2007

Super Stupid

Because I only have one television station (I used to have two, fuzzy and fuzzier, so I just didn't watch), Fox (cringe, i know), I get to see some super stupid ass shit.  Some times I watch just for amusement's sake, and because my braincells are not dying fast enough.  Other times I forget the tv's on while I am hunting stuff up on the net, doing laundry, baking cakes, or crochetting hats.

There is a paid advertisement for Red, a red seat which resembles a bar-stool, but which we are assured is anything but.  No, Red is a super amazing exercise unit which many turn to for assistance shaping up their flabby bodies when nothing else would work for them.  I mean just listen to the testimonies from REAL people.

Two points came to mind while this played in the background tonight.  One was what the hell is so amazing about a REAL person?  Of course the testimonies are from real people, ya twits.  Fake people are called manikins and imaginary people are called my friends.

The other point was when one of the REAL people was giving her testimony and she said something to the effect that this Red was just so friggen amazing and she swears by it.  In fact, "I'm gonna get one for every single relative" (and the married ones too, most likely).  And I thought, how rude!

I mean, wouldn't you be incredibly insulted if cousin cathy gave you exercise equipment outta the blue?  If she were my sister, and gave me one of those things, I'd slap her super stupid.  Wouldn't you?


  1. You just gave me the best belly laugh! I love your observation about testimonies from REAL people. Every time I see those advertisments for strip clubs that read LIVE NUDE DANCERS, I always wonder, what other kind would there be, dead ones?--Sheria

  2. Only one channel?  And it's FOX???!!!  I'd die!



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