23 September 2007

From the Domestication Diaries

Well, last night's rice lasagna was wonderful!  My guy ate it up, yum!  That's always a true litmus, cuz he'll try most all my dishes, but it's only if he really likes it that he goes back for more.  And has reheats the next day.  So that was a success.

Tonight, my double sink in the kitchen is blocked.  My guy went to town and picked up some liquid plumber cuz nothing else was working.  And so far, it doesn't seem to be working either.  sigh.

My pound cake from scratch looks ok, it fell in the center.  But it is the first time I've tried to make pound cake from scratch.  And it's still too hot to try.  But I bet it'll taste just fine.


  1. Hi Debra Ü,

    I have never heard of rice lasagna, but it sounds great. Could I please ask for the recipe Ü. My gosh I have not had a pound cake from scratch since forever lol. I am sure yours will be delicious.
    Have a wonderful week Ü.


  2. Dang...I hope your sink situation isn't serious.  I had to get all new pipes the last time I had a clog Liquid Plumber couldn't fix.  Eek!



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