05 September 2007

domesticated debra

anyone who knows me, knows that i have great intentions regarding cooking, yet very rarely follow-thru (hence the usage of the word "intentions").  yes, yes, i realize that the road to hell is paved with great intentions (and republicans) but i figure we all gotta start somewhere, and since i've ridden to hell in a hand-basket, i'm strolling back on the pavement.  it's hot, hot, hot and me, i forgot my shoes.  really, who wears shoes when riding in a hand-basket, i ask you!

so in an effort to improve our eating at home habits (namely by eating at home versus grabbing a bite out), we went to walmart after midnight (where we're gonna let it all hang out has new and frightening meanings) and did a week's worth of shopping.  it was a huge first for me, cuz i actually knew what i was gonna get beforehand and (gasp!) made a list, and (gasp!) stuck to it!

so today, i made chili pie.  i actually followed a recipe (which is very odd for me, cuz i tend to use a recipe simply as a guideline, altering as i see fit).  and tonight, i will make egg casserole.

my guy just walked in the door, which means we are to go out and get coffee so we can talk.  hey!  it's an improvement over eating out and can be a huge change if i don't splurge and get some fru-fru frappe.


  1. I am a very masterful microwaver!!  ;)


  2. Hahaha I feel ya on the cooking thing...Every kitchen I have been in and tried cooking in I have started a fire... The last one was the worst one... but we won't go there hehehehe. So I have resorted to picking men who can cook hahahha...smiles...

  3. Cooking is an artform, practice makes perfect. I'm still experimenting her and there. I do tend to add my own little touch to recipes as well. As for the graphic on the entry with the tree woman. That is something I found at a place called :
    DeviantArt I've included the link. You have to search for a bit to find pictures you may like, it has a wonderful assortment to look through. Here is the link:


    (Hugs) Indigo


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