20 September 2007

today's recap

So this morning I made a loaf of tea bread and then went to help my friend with her yard-sale.  I was sorta sleepy, so when the Baby Girl needed some loving, I had no problem scooping her up and nestling her close and snuggling with the bestest huggles ya can get.  and some sweet sugars.

After spending the day, in the sun, refolding clothes and rearranging what looked like sales tables the night before christmas at walmartS; i was sticky from sweat and spilled juice and stained with juice and dorito cheese powder and tired.  When I got home, I pounded out a few eMails and also spent some time drinking some relaxing tea.

My friend asked if I could come back tomorrow.  Sure.  Maybe.  I might be a little late.  And a little non-functional.  We had a great time today, but a little goes a long way with me.  Ya know?

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