16 September 2007

On Dunceship

I donned my dunce cap and went to walmart earlier this evening.  Our local walmart has been in this location for 6 yrs.  before that it was in two other locations.  so there are those idiots who would say to me, when i would ask, "i just moved here and i'm trying to find..., can you give me directions?"...the answer to that should have been NO, they couldn't.  but i digress, so these idiots who somehow failed to register that i am asking directions because i just moved here and hence did not know where things used to be because, uhm, i just moved here...anyway, idiots would answer, "sure, ok yeah, so ya turn next to the old walmarts?  and then you go straight past where the old one was first?  and then ya turn right at the next light?"  usually i would restrain my urge to throttle them.  usually.

So earlier, i donned the dunce cap and went to the "walmartS" and began to add yet another well earned stripe for my hat.  cuz i forgot that for the last 4 or 5 months, walmart has been tearing up their parking lot.  now normally, i'm not a real big fan of walmart cuz it is not a very efficient place and there are tons of inconsiderate idiots who plod along, roaming the parking lot and aisles aimlessly, managing to clog the traffic flow.  these same idiots seem to drive bumper cars, those clogging that traffic flow as well.  so you can imagine what walmart parking lot is like when there is construction.

the reason that walmart is doing this is a clever little ploy, i think.  or i might be giving credit where none is due.  first they had to tear up and replace a good section due to petroleum leakage (their underground gas tanks didn't vent right or something, whoohpsee).  but they tried to disguise this i think by then moving on to various other sections and tearing up and repaving.  as tho they were doing this for their customers.  so we have a nice parking lot.

the result of which for the last several months has been that entire sections are closed, traffic flow is jammed in the rerouted areas of access, and parking space is limited.  people get downright vicious and especially possessive of their spaces, and it didn't help that we had those 6 weeks of 100+ degree temps.  so how i could forget that i ought not try to fight the flow of stupidity on a sunday night is beyond me.  i usually go when absolutely no other customer base would be there.

so from the get-go, it was a mistake, the parking, the traffic, the cell-phone customers, the rotted produce, the lack of number of open cashier lanes, the extended family household who checked out in front of me, then came up short, so had to search thru their bags (which had been tied and knotted shut) to find items to void, and then deciding to take the items anyway cuz cousin lloyd found the money in his front pocket along with a several baggies of lil chunks otherwise known as crystals.

i was glad to get out alive.


  1. you deserve  some relaxing alone time after that!!  The only good thing about Walmart is the Hallmark cards they carry ;)


  2. I like their bird seed .... hehehehe ... and not much else, but find myself going there rather than the M.A.L.L.  which is a four letter word to me.  ;)


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