27 September 2007

From the Domestication Diaries

To celebrate the ability to use my kitchen sink, even on a limited basis, I decided to wash the dishes and then baked a sour cream pound cake, from scratch.  Because I don't have a tube pan, and there was way too much batter for the loaf pan and way way too much for 9x9; I ended up making a 9x13 sheet cake.

Now there is a banana nut loaf in the oven, soon to come out.  All the dishes are done.  The laundry, too (which has nothing to do with my kitchen sink and the ability to use it).  And I've crocheted a hat.  I'm still working on the hat while the loaf finishes up, but I'm thinking that this one will fit on my head.  The hat, not the loaf.  I'm not that far around the bend.

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