27 September 2007

The Hat

I've made several hats in the past few months.  Greta even wears hers.  But they all pop right off my head.  I have very thick hair.  It makes wearing any hat, barrettes, headbands, scrunchies, etc. terribly adventuresome.  When I was in high-school and my friends had those braces that needed to be worn with those little rubber bands, they'd yawn and bands (and spit) would come pinging! outta their mouths.  That's what headgear does on me.

Barrettes snap and fly off my head and take out eyes and leave scars across innocent bystanders' foreheads.  Headbands act as boomerangs when I try to put them on my head.  I've decapitated entire crowds and managed to act super stupid when cops secured the scene cuz no one would believe the babbling witness.

But this hat will have a chin strap, a nose strap, and ear flaps.  Yeah, you know I'll be posting that hot pic of me!  And you know you wanna see it.


  1. You are too funny; I love your style. I love hats but I never wear them because my head's too big. I always feel like my head is the size of a large pumpkin whenever I attempt to wear a hat. However, I do have this fpurple loral number that I wear when working in my yard.--Sheria

  2. As long as you don't shave your head!  



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