06 September 2007

moving right along...

since the chili pie was so good, i thought i'd try making chili rellenos quiche.  eggs, a bit of flour and baking powder and salt, some chopped green chilies, cottage cheese, grated cheddar, and butter.  it is in the oven now and smells pretty tasty.

i may try making a breakfast cobbler, with canned fruit and oj and granola cereal, for dessert.

must feather my nest some more, ta-ta!


  1. hmmmmm all this cooking and domestic stuff...Could it be possible you are nesting??? Is there a pregnancy in the horizon??? Oh no worries maybe you have just got the knack for gormet dishes....not trying to jinx ya or anything unless of course that is what you want hehehehhe...smiles...

  2. Yah, I was gonna say...SO domestic!


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