04 March 2008

weighing in, take two (hundred)

Yes, yes.  I really was two hundred (200) pounds in that picture.  In fact, I may have been a little more.  The reason I say that was cuz, well, it's true.  And I wouldn't lie to you.

A few years back, I weighed it at my all time high.  235.  That was, lemme think, uhm...January 2006.  I lost 35 pounds in three months and then spent the better part of two years keeping that off and toning up some and wiffling a bit.

When I wiffle, I gain/lose about five pounds.  So, I've been right about 205 for about two years now.  I'm ready to start losing again.

Oh, yeah.  Getting down to my fighting weight.  Oh, yeah.


  1. Fighting weight?  Does that come with new shoes too?  If not, it should!   Anne

  2. Fighting weight?  What class you wanna be in girl?  lol ... me too.  It's a struggle until you decide.  Then it's not so difficult.  :)


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