30 March 2008

looming large

Well, I wanted to post these pix, because I am thinking I can make an afghan for Brenda (my friend who is to wed in May).  This is a new weave for me.  I took a picture in the light so that you can see that the weave is open.  And I took a picture of it lying down, so that you can see how dense it is, as well.  I also wanted you to notice (so, I'm pointing it out, cuz I'm like that) that the edge is even and very nice with no loops and straggles.  If you loom, you might get an uneven foundation and need to edge it when finishing it.  But it isn't absolutely necessary, if you use the method I do.  And if you wanna know, I'll tell ya how.

Cuz, I'm like that.

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