21 March 2008

Newborne Sweater Loomed

The pen is for scale, so that you can see the newborne sweater just off the loom is a tad smaller than small!  Yesterday, I was chatting with Andrea at the library and her baby girl is due for arrival April 6th.  I had taken in the other sweater that I did a week or so ago to show her, so I could see her reaction.  I decided to make her one too, but using the original unaltered pattern.  I'll take it in for her next Monday.

 Here's the back of the newborne sweater.  It's all finished and so tiny.  Yesterday when I was in to see Adria and retrieve my fan, her lil girls were all giddy with excitement and insisted on showing me their floppy bunnies and could I teach them to crochet a shirt and maybe some pants, and OH! a dress would be wonDERful miss debRAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Sure, we can get them all dolled up for a hot date with Peter.  Just no nooky in Mr. McGregor's garden, ya hear?  At least, don't get caught.  And for heaven's sake, keep yer clothes on!  I don't wanna hear about you getting the sniffles and all that.  You'll miss yer supper!

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  1. I love these little sweaters and wonder if I  should make the attempt at a loom, but I think I don't have the patience.  


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