14 March 2008

hope her neck is very small, very small indeed

This is the finished sweater.  I didn't want to put frogs on it (or buttons, or ties, etc), because if the baby lies on her stomach then the fasteners will poke her in the belly/chest and that's not terribly comfy now is it?  I didn't think so either.  Glad you agree.

This is the item folded.  I'm a proud boastful 'look ma, i did it!' kinda critter, ain't I?  I think so too.  Glad you agree.

By the way, the outta focus fuzziness isn't just the fuzzy yarn (and you aren't drunk, or maybe you are, i can't really say with any authority); the outta focus fuzziness is cuz i was holding the camera and i'm rather spastic.  the more i try to hold still! dammit!, the more i jitter.  it made my mom's task so much more of a joy as she used me as a model for fitting the garments she sewed as i was growing up.  i was poked and pin-pricked lots.  acupuncture for seamstress's kids.


    Acupunture for seamstess's kids!  LOL!
    Oh my god! You're KILLIN' me!
    ha ha

  2. I'm sober and it looks fab!   Anne

  3. I would be pleased as punch to have a child of mine (provided I had one that young and that small) wear that sweater.  Bravo!


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