04 March 2008

me and my purse

you might remember that last november i took a class on sewing.  in one class i learned to make a purse and in the other class, i learned to make a skirt (that class actually took about two months).  some of you might remember my discussing the whining gripe that was having spastic attacks due to my being a beginner to the sewing machine.  does that bring it all back now?

anyway, my Friend finally remembered to give this pic to me, that she's had for a few months.  the very first thing i did, was scan it and post it.  so here i am, proudly showing off my mad skillz.


  1. I remember that that's when I first started reading you.  I remember just LAUGHIN' my ass off (I'm sorry) and I kept coming back.  This entry made me smile.  

  2. Deb my Dear ... you are as lovely then as you are today.  :)  No weigh did you weigh 200 pounds.  No weigh.


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