11 March 2008

mid-month, march

how did i miss this?

i just got my email and there was a notice in there, asking me how i am celebrating national crochet month.  dudes, i didn't even know!  i'm shirking my duties, failing to show my silent support for crochet.  what's worse is, i've been knit-witting hats for heads.  horrors, i know.  sad, but true.

and, while i'm confessing, perling.  with plastic.  at least the knit-wit deals with yarn, but perling!  not purling and knitting with yarn, but perling...well, that's plastic.  yes, yes i know!  a traitor i am.  shame.

and, i may as well tell all, today?  well, today i did blocks of crayon-quilting.  crayons!  wax mediums, gasp, and again, no yarn!  ack!  altho i apply the crayon to squares of cotton, so there is some sort of redemption there.  isn't there?

i'm not bad.  sniff.  i'm not.


  1. Crayon quilting sounds very interesting to me.   Anne

  2. I think you're moving right along with the seasonal changes m'dear.  It's okay.  Maybe the national chrochet people ought to change the month to,  I dunno, January or February.  That way you could keep yourself warm too!


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