05 March 2008


hello, my name is debra (hello debra) and imma foxite.  sigh.  i've been a foxite for about a year now.  as i receive my one year button, i ought to present my testimony; here's my struggle thus far.

i say to myself that i will not arrange my life around episodes of "house" and "bones"; but i still find myself leaving 7p to 9p untouched.  at least those can be viewed as quasi-intellectual.

(taking a deep breath~~looking downward) but, nothing redeeming can be said about my infatuation with american idol this season.  or last summer's "so ya think ya can dance".  (clearing my throat~~looking up)  even going so far as to actually root for one contestant or another.

i'm not proud of my behavior.

since i have made some admissions, i may as well come clean with a few more things.  i love, Love, LOVE this girl!  she rocks, dudes, she rolls.  she's got the blues and she's got soul.  she is a.may.zing.  her name is amanda overmeyer and she does a mean janis joplin, a great joan jett, and even better, she does a great amanda overmeyer.  she will go far, i don't think she will take it all the way to number one (cuz i think david archuleta has that in the bag), but i do think she will give folks a run for their money.


  1. I have to agree.........I really like her and I do not always like "that sound" but she is just wonderful.  She did great tonight.  I'm off to watch all the Law&Orders that have ever been produced.  When that runs out I'm on to CSI.........crime is in my bones.  OR, somthin' like that!   Anne

  2. Oh I've missed her and the lot of them.  I just don't dial up that far.   But I hear over the water cooler at work the gorey details.

  3. LOL!  Well, at least you're not watching "Bret Michael's Rock of Love 2," "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew," or "Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant."  

    Count your blessings!



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