06 March 2008

my god woman, think before you speak

so tonight, on fox (yes, yes, cringe, sorry), the top news story is all about the campaigning stepping up cuz the primary poll is tuesday for us here in mississippi.  bill clinton is going to be in tupelo on sunday.  obama is coming to columbus.  hilary clinton's been here and there and everywhere.  so the news shows these little clips of various activities and interviews.

there was even a woman setting at a republican booth saying that she really likes what obama stands for.  in her view, he "helps us to remember that this country, this great country, is what it is because of diverse people like him...people who didn't stand a chinaman's chance...(freeze for a moment as she realizes what she's just said)...have gone on to do great things for this great country."  think she is chagrined?

not a chinaman's chance.


  1. ...makes me wonder where that expression came from cause the Chinamen are doing quite well now...

  2. THIS really made me laugh.  I hope it goes to U-Tube.     Anne

  3. The pot calling the kettle black?  OMG I really, truly, wished I had seen THAT.  LOL

  4. Fox news???  (shudder)



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