13 March 2008

itza beeYOUteefullest day here in mizz'ippi

So today it is so gorgeously bright out that i wanna poke my eyes out with a very sharp stick.  or at least wear shades.  my prescription shades are more than ten years old and the frames are so wobbly they fall off my face, which makes driving much more hazardous than my merely scowling into the faces of oncoming drivers.  when i get my new glasses, then i will get the ones i am now wearing darkened into shades and wear them til they too would fit my gigantic sized ego swollen head that won't fit thru doors.  i s'pose i could get those elastic sport straps that never seem to work they way they should.  or even lil ole library lady chains with multicolored beads and things so that if my glasses do fall off my face, at least they just bounce off my chest and then swing there on the chain, like tetherball.

or i could stop sleeping in them.


  1. LOL!  We both sleep in our glasses!  :)

  2. Get a chain! Get a chain!  I think those things should become fashionable!


  3. Sleep in them?  lol

    I like Russ' idea ... and oh, with all the ladies beading (real beads) these days, you might be able to find a very pretty beaded 'chain'.  I bought two for an aunt last year at a church fair and she loves them!  

    I gotta' get new glasses too.  All stretched out with ... and annoying when they slide down the nose.


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