25 March 2008

my head, it throbs

I went to therapy today.  I felt sluggish, like I'd been dipped in a vat of black strap molasses.  That happens when I've been focusing on a heavy dense matter in session.  Next week will be a continuation.

Then I went to the library cuz yesterday I returned items, but didn't check out any more books in print cuz I've quite a few audios at the moment.  But last night, when I was trying to get ready to go to sleep, I realized that I had returned both books I was reading.  No great loss there, Philip Roth gets boring after a bit (whine, snivel, whine~~ho hum, Roth, move on).  So, today, I borrowed "Blaze", King as Bachman, as King.

Then I went to the gym, to get in the water.  A very short workout later (only about half an hour or so), I got showered and changed and then I drove home.  I ate some soup, and a plum.  And I ate some ibuprofen.

And still, my head, it throbs.


  1. Therapy has been on my mind a lot lately -- I'm pretty sure most therapists are idiots.  Most.  Hope your head stops throbbing soon.


  2. Oh, throbbing heads are horrible.  Feel better today.  ;)


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