21 March 2008

Good Friday

My guy did not come last night, but he will be here tonight!  I'm going to continue yesterday's good work and go swimming.  I was a very good girl earlier and had ONE bowl of cereal instead of multiple bowls (cuz I have milk left over in my bowl, so then I add my cereal and then I do not have enough milk, so then I add more milk and this continues until the entire box is gone; is it any wonder I have strange bowel things going on?  No, I didn't think so.)  Baby steps, Debra, baby steps.  I know for some folks, all that is no big deal; but for me, it is.  Cuz, each new habit starts when you actually do it.  Keep up the good work, Debra, keep it up!

I provide my own pep-talks.


  1. and you give yourself damn good pep talks if you ask me.

    ...not that you asked me or anything.

  2. Heyoh ... way to go.  I hit the gym this morning and although I wanted to hit the trainer ... I restrained myself and did the work out.  Phew.  

    You are correct.  New habits start when you finally do it.  Did it today.  Hoping to keep it going.  

    Baby Steps Kathy.  Baby Steps.  

    Good work Deb ... you gave me a pep talk too!

  3. I cut my smoking by about a third...that's the best I can do for now.  Or ever.



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