13 March 2008

(popping head around the corner)

Hi!  how have you been?  i've missed ya!  feel free to leave a comment to let me know what's going on with you.  please.

in about fifteen minutes, we (my guy and i) will be leaving for town (an appt) and we might have lunch afterwards.  it is a beautiful day out and i may even remember to stop at the gym and get my sneakers so that we can go for a walk this evening and i am not walking outta my other shoes that probably i should toss anyway (they are those five dollar white canvas tennis shoes that i like but get really smelly really fast and i wash them lots so then they get ratty fast and then too i wear them lots so they get worn out and the soles get holes thru and then i go buy another pair if i think about it for five bucks and we start the process over again).  i've had this pair for two years as backup for in between purchases.

yes, i can write about almost anything in excruciating detail in a long rambling paragraph with lots of asides and way too much information that makes ya wonder if i have anything important going on in my life and why oh! why would i choose to write about such an inane thing with such insane detail, why debra why.  i don't know.  i just do.

and i talk just like i write.
or the other way around.
at any rate, they are just the same.


  1. It's daytime and I'M AWAKE!  That's what I've been doing.
    However, I love to read what and how you write.  It's the thing that kept me coming back in the first place.  
    Hey, It's MS awareness week. I HAVE MS!  Did you know?

  2. Well Deb ... if you write like you talk and you talk like you write ... well.  You would just fit right in with the birthday bash girls.  Circles.  I tell ya' we talk in circles.  Start at one subject, go round the vinegar bush to a whole bunch more and then back to the first.  

    Makes some people dizzy with trying to keep up.  ;)


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