07 March 2008

oooooooooooo lookit the pretty colors

DUDES!  i so didn't realize that the map below changes!  so if you are reading this during the heat wave, you are probably not even close to seeing what was relevant when i first posted this.  hell, it isn't even accurate a scant two days later!  and yes, we did have snow, and yes, everyone freaked.

According to the legend, purple is either "heavy snow warning" or "high surf advisory".  Being that everyone here is all in a tizzy, crying, "the sky! it's falling!", I'm thinking that it's the snow warning.  And in this area, any snow is heavy.  Cuz it's all relative, man, it's all relative.

The sky is low, not falling.  And there is a very fine wet mist, no snow falling as of yet.  However, it is the warmest part of the day, so the advisory is really for tonight and tomorrow.  Tonight, meaning after 6p (it's all relative, people), we might even have an inch!  A whole inch of snow!  Hell, it might even stick to the ground instead of melting on contact!  We might even see snow on the landscape for all of, I dunno, a half hour!  Is it possible?  Yes, it is!  Is it probable?  No, it's not!

But even if it is just falling thru the air, it will still be a huge thing for most people.  There are kids here who have never seen snow.  Ziggee, my lil rat-cha, has never experienced it and he is five! (in people years; in dog years, he is like me, in his mid-30s) and will be utterly alert and overwhelmed with joy and confusion.  He likes to mimic Shaddow and she tends to love life so he takes his cue from her and it can be quite funny to see the two of them interact.  She loves him and lets him act real tough and attack things, like the hail we had a while back.  They are too cute sometimes.

I have done my dishes, am doing laundry, called the propane company, and may drive to town to the library and possibly to the store for some more soups.  Or not.  I really don't feel up to the trip right now.  Maybe I'll feel more perky after a shower.

Soap, it does a body good.


  1. Snow, it does a body good!

  2. SOAP???
    THAT'S what I'm doing wrong!


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