01 March 2008

come with me, walk and talk with me

Last night, my guy and I talked a bit while we were at dinner.  We were both tired, and opted not to see a movie, but to come home instead.  We continued to talk with each other for quite some time at my place and this morning we were slow to get up and going.

This afternoon, we went for a long walk (well, it seemed long to me, esp since i've not made it a habit to go for a stroll, a hike, a sojourn of late) with all the dogs (even those not mine and just tagging along for the lope).  It was good.  We spoke more, but also just enjoyed being with each other, silently.

Altho we have lived about an hour and a half apart for the better part of five years, we still managed to see each other almost every weekend.  We've spoken almost daily.  So, this new phase of our lives does indeed promise to be a tad bit different.

Hazard, Kentucky is over eight hours from me here in Starkville, Mississippi.  It tires me just to think of that drive.  I do have a friend in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which is a good halfway point, so that I may break the drive up, in need be.  But I think I may be so fired up to actually be going to see him that I won't really want to stop, but go on and get the drive over with.  Well, it is an option and that helps.

Options always help.

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  1. Options always help ... and if you have any way to take public transportation (as in Greyhound) ... well, maybe you'd be up for the crocheting and knitting while you leave the driving to them.

    Or maybe not.


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