11 March 2008

i'm ok, you're ok?

i just wanted to let you know that i'm ok.  my guy has been here since friday and this is spring break so even tho he is slammed with work, he is here rather than there.  which, i like.  and as he is here, he is using the computer; he has his own, but he likes mine.  and really, who can blame him?  i'm the shit!  so i am typing away whilst he is tucked in bed, cuz he is tuckered out.  sh, baby's sleepin'.


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  1. I wanted 'them' to cancel Spring break this year.  I have one going to school and one under foot and then it gets all confused and while I love having her here, she'd rather be there, which she doesn't have to dough for.  Catch 22 week is what I call it.


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