31 March 2008

how i (w)rap it

Dudes!  This is for my regular readers as well as the crafty ones, wink.  I figured I'd post an explanation here, in this journal; rather than post multiple pix/explanations in various groups!  If you have specific questions, and choose not to comment here; my eMail addresses are listed within the journal's description at the top left corner of the page.  Let me know if you need the pix enlarged (an option is to right-click the pic and choose "view image" option) , or detailed description.  Hope all is clear!

after the cast-on/foundation is complete, you may continue with whatever wrap/stitch you like!! This casting-on method yields a firm, solid foundation with no straggles or loops. Using a standard figure-8 wrap, wind the first basic row. Then pass the yarn from the last peg you've wrapped on the first row, back up to the very first peg that you had wrapped. Now complete the wrap with a second row that is exactly the same as the first.

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  1. Please excuse all my questions<G> I tried the enlarge view, but I still am unable to see the yarn on the loom very much. Or at least enough to see what you are describing.

    Is this correct?  start with the yarn and wind peg #1 yarn up to upper peg #2 down lower Peg #3 and so on to the end of bottom row.....instead of turning the loom and V wrapping back you take the yarn and go straight to Peg#1 and re-wrap the same way.

    Then knit off both sides of the loom lifting 1 over 1 then re-wrap the same way as above for the second row?  I guess I'm confused as to going from the last peg to first with each row or is it just the first time? For the initial cast-on?

    I'm sorry I'm so dense<G> I've not used the boards or long looms yet. I have all the books with other cast-ons etc. and patterns, just haven't started a project yet.
    Is this your stitch?  It does look nice! Great Job. Thank you!  LindaJ


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