23 March 2008


I think I did quite well with food intake this weekend.  Last night, I did eat very late, which isn't a good thing.  But I am aware of that and it was the only thing I did that was of that nature.  I've eaten more salad and fruits over the weekend than I have in the last few weeks.  I did eat smaller portions in general and did not bolt my food like is my standard m.o.

Today, I did all the laundry, including my bedding.  Fresh sheets!!  Ahhhhmmmm.  snuggly.  I also went through all my clothes, all.my.clothes.  I bagged up anything that was too big, all my pants that had elastic waists (that encourages overeating and expanding waist line), anything that was too small (no point in cluttering the closet with unrealistic hopefuls), and anything I haven't worn in awhile.  Basically, I kept only things that fit and are worn often.  I'm going to give them to a local church that does a clothing giveaway.  Last year, I went there for both the spring and fall clothing giveaways and wanted to give back.

Tomorrow, I plan to go to the gym and workout in the water.  Also, I will go to the library, return some books, and give Andrea two baby sweaters that I made over the last few days.  I've been feeling better and want to take advantage of that, without pushing it too hard.  That's always a fine balance.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and are ready to start the week!

(russ, i'm too damn perky in today's entry; grin)


  1. Being perky burns calories...so keep it up!!  ;)


  2. Well, you might be too perky for you, but your perkiness is contageous.  Good job for the weekend ... just cleaning out is a huge accomplishment for pretty much any of us.  LOL.

    Perk on girl.  Perk on.

  3. Hey L'il Nut...  was sleeping next to the computer.  When I responded to your IM you were GONE, GONE, GONE...
    Sorry 'bout that.  
    As for your last several entries...
    You GO, girl.


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