15 March 2008


Leona is now managing the coffee shop inside the downtown location of BookMart.  Last fall, she decided she had enough sixteen hour days for weeks on end and decided to sell.  She wants to be able to go see her adult children.  She wants to have weekends free.  She wants to be able to have a life.

The new shop has been open for about two weeks (altho the owners of BookMart foolishly thought they would be open two months ago~~um, construction people, construction...it never goes according to plan, esp when you are inexperienced and hire inexperienced contractors and subcontractors and then need to hire others to come in and fix the work that they screwed up and...and...and).  Their hours are much different and most of their old regulars had been used to having the evenings to come in.  I'm not sure if the bookstore will lengthen their hours into the evening or if they plan to continue closing at 4:30 (when most folks stop by on their way home from work).  I saw they do have ethernet ports and Leona said that the owners were planning to have internet functioning, but I've not yet been able to go with my laptop (cuz i don't think of it til there would only be two hours or less and then i don't feel like packing my laptop and its cords and things and getting dressed and relocated my butt to the shop to turn around and skedaddle cuz the bookstore is closing at an early hour when all the folks who work might then be able to come in and enjoy the shop).

I miss Leona, I miss LJs.  But I ought to give this new place a fair shot.  I'm turning into a crochitty old lady fixed in my ways.  sniff.  change is suspicious.  those whippersnappers.


  1. If you don't like change now -- just wait another fifteen years!  LOL

    They'll figure out that they'll have more business if they set a decent evening schedule, get the word out and stick to the schedule.  

  2. Crotchitty.
    Now there's a word I don't use nearly enough.

  3. I hate change and "under new management" is seldom good.  I can out-crotchet you anyday, Deb!  ;)



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