13 March 2008

the lights, they strobe so

My guy is out making phone calls with his cell where he can get a good signal, cuz he can't get a static free consistently reliable one here.  I think it is cuz of the huge power towers and lines that cut thru the neighboring property and angle along me here.  Which is why I only get one channel (FOX; people, i'm sorry and for years i didn't watch at all, but one day last spring, i watched a movie and then i ejected it and omg, jerry springer was appealing to my sense of fairness and fidelity.  i changed the channel and lo! jerry springer continued his pep talk in clear colors minus the fuzzy overlay.  prior to that, i thought i'd only had two channels, fuzzy and fuzzier.  now i have one, FOX, which is in some ways worse than the other option, which was don't watch at all).

That, and there is an air force base over in Columbus, but there must be some sort of beacon tower somewhere in swamp behind my landlords' place.  Cuz every night thru the summer, most nights thru the spring and fall, and few nights sporadically placed thru the winter; there must be some training flights that take place at night, there is a beam that blinks at various speeds (almost like morse code).  it's enough to trigger seizures if i were foolish enough to stare in that direction.

which i'm not.  most times.  then again, any idiot (me) that actually watches the news (me) on FOX (me), might would stare at the strobing lights of night flight training air force beacons (me) cuz its behind my landlords'.

it hurts me in the head.

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  1. Deb, I feel your pain.  FOX ... ha!


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