14 March 2008

she wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny little itty bitty

 This is my first attempt at making an article of clothing (besides a hat, a scarf, and a blanket~~i've made a ton of them and blankets are something i've made since i was a child).  This baby sweater I altered the pattern from newborn/premmee to fit a larger, older baby.  Next weekend, I will be seeing my guy's five month old niece and hope it will fit her.  The above shows the one piece sweater taken off the round yellow knifty knitter's loom.

 This shows the sweater looking more like a sweater (actually, i was thinking it looks like a kimono/robe) with the side and arm seams stitched.  The next step is to finish it with edging.  I'll include a picture of that when I get to it!

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