31 March 2008

{sigh} he loves me...blink.blink

Well, my guy usually gets up very early on Monday (like 5a early, i KNOW! egads, right?) and then drives his hour and a half home to Oxford to start his day at work and in the lab.  I don't usually get up with him, in fact, I usually am rather comatose at that hour (and for a few hours after that).  When I do first wake up, I have a pang of missing him already and then get up and move about reclaiming my home as my own.  I gather any mugs (I've turned him on to tea, he even requests that I make a pot if I haven't just yet), taken them to the sink.  I put the bathroom to rights (wet towels usually are strewn about).  I gather any dirty laundry (esp the strewn t-shirts and boxers from that passionate interlude in the night, winks).  All this takes little time, as he isn't a slob so much as a man in a rush.

Sometimes, I catch up with my eMail and do a few things online at that time.  Other times, I burrow back under the covers to be cradled in sweet sleep again, secure in the knowledge that I have uninterrupted time in which to delve into the depths of supine slumber.  That sort of secure peace allows me to feel very comfy and relaxed.  sigh. mmmmmmmmmmmm.  ahm.  com.fy.ness.

So this morning after my guy left, I woke up and missed him.  Then I moved about for a bit, straightening up.  I sat down at the computer and took care of a few eMail maintenance matters.  Then, I succumbed to sleep.

Only to wake up with my guy dropping a kiss on my brow.  It was very disorienting, and frightening because there was no apparent logic for his presence at that time.  My heart leaped into my mouth and fell out when I gasped.  He calmed me and explained he had to return because he forgot his phone.  Groggily, I fumbled out from the covers (the covers where winning, dammit) and I slurred, "thanks for coming back for to kiss me extra".  As I blinked sleep from my eyes, he kissed my forehead and left to get his week started in Oxford.

and in my sleep congested mind, I thought, "he came back to kiss me, cuz he {sigh} he loves me"


right?  right??

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