06 March 2008

perler, part two

 These three are my second attempt at perling.  Well, actually, that's not true.  There have been countless attempts, but I have jittery fine coordination and placing the beads on the pegs can sometimes be a challenge.  So what I've been doing are these smaller ones, instead of larger projects.  I think that the picture above shows them at their actual size, they look larger here tho because of the smaller framing which accentuates their size relative to the segmented space.  but if you were to place your finger or any other object over a perler bead mass, then look at the object in the scope out of the frame, in your everyday view that is not focused only on these three, then you will see that they are lots smaller than they might have first appeared.

or not.


  1. Well, they are very cute ... what are they going to finally be?  Shade pulls, key chain fobs, necklaces .... imagine the possibilities.

    Tweezers help a lot when perler beading.  I use tweezers.  Otherwise I'd never get anything done.  lol

  2. These look really cool.   I've never heard of what they are before, but they're cool.

    What do you do with them?


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