21 March 2008

i'm dense

 Hi, this is me.  Spring equinox.  215 pounds.  And in the background, you can see a very fuzzy snippet of my guy's head bent over his computer.  This morning, I put on a pair of shorts.

Then I took them off.  I looked at them to make sure they were the pair I wore lots last summer and liked.  And then I put them back on and thought, damn! my double chin has sunken to my waist.



  1. Sometimes life just ain't fair!  I feel your pain!   I like your pic though.  Anne

  2. I think most of us our discovering our post-Winter bodies are not getting along with our Spring clothes.  (SIGH)


  3. Well, if your double chin went south ... maybe you should move it back up ... just a bit.  hehehe.

    Me too.  Sadly, when I weighed in at the gym yesterday I was horrified to find that I weigh more today than when I delivered my first child.  Gaaaaaaahhhhh


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