22 March 2008

Realistic Goals and Expectancies

So, I will take certain steps to reach my goal weight.  These steps are as follows:

water workout classes:  see schedule
water workout individually (when class is not an option)
walk with my guy

eat healthier foods, like salads, fruits and vegetables
drink more water, lemon water, herbal teas
eat smaller portions
eliminate ice-cream binges (note:  they don't happen often, but when they do, they do in a big big way)

take sleep meds by 11
wake by 9
dress for day

So the steps are smaller, more managable, more specific than just saying "i'm gonna do better".  Also, I may not incorporate all these things at once, each and every day.  The idea is to do better, more often.  That is my rule, for what I know works for me.  There is no point in my having a bad time and then making it worse by getting all bent out of shape cuz I didn't stick to my "new" healthier habits.

I'd like to ask you to help me with this effort to achieve and practice these things.  You have been so supportive of and encouraging me over time and I would like you to help me by continuing to be so!  I also want to ask you to feel free to ask me how things are going.  You probably won't need to wonder too much, cuz I usually am open with discussing what's going on with me in detail.  This will help me to continue to make better improvements and choices with both eating and exercising.  Accountability can be creative and this journal is a huge part of my support network strategy (it has been from day one and continues to be).

And just in case I haven't said so lately, thanks dudes, I appreciate ya!


  1. And don't weigh yourself every day -- that can kill motivation.  Weigh in weekly or bi-weekly.


  2. GO, BABY, GO!!!!


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