24 March 2008

life truth

So tonight I was down to see my landlord, Lisa, cuz Saffron had her first litter.  Six kitties, I'm a gramma!  But one of them died, this afternoon.  Lisa and Victoria put his lil body in a black satin purse and buried him in the backyard.  Victoria is very torn up.  She's ten, and this is NOT her first death.  Death doesn't get better or easier to handle, the more you face.  It's that this newest kitty was the only one of the litter that was born with a tale and was different than the others in coloration.  All the others are an orange and creme.  The lil guy who died was black and white.  He was not the runt, he wasn't born last.  And Victoria is wanting answers and Lisa is not able to give them to her.  Victoria is very angry, because she is discovering another life truth.

Adults do not have all the answers.

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  1. Life would be boring and too easy if we had all the answers.  Our brains would turn to complete mush.  Poor Victoria.  This is a tough lesson to learn.


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