20 March 2008

spring has sprung

Dear Diary,

Last night, I took my night time meds earlier than usual and was drooling copiously by ten.  So this morning I woke up earlier than I have in a long time and was not panicking to boot!  Diary, I must say that I was so ecstatic to not be in the throes of a panic attack that I almost triggered one with my wild exuberant joy!  After a shower, I gathered a few items and went to see my counselor.  It was a very good session, even tho the topic was very troublesome (I lost my shit Saturday, and Sunday I was still scattered).

I went to the library and guess who I ran into, Diary?  No, really, guess!  Oh, ok then, I'll just tell you.  Nekita!  And Laura!  And Andrea!  Well, it should be no surprise that Laura and Andrea were there.  Cuz that's where they work.  And they couldn't really not be there.  But it was still great to run into them.

Then, guess where I went??  To the gym!  Guess what I did?  That's right, I went swimming!  Oh, dear diary, how well you know me!

Then I went to WalmartZ and bought some groceries.  I bought some Sunrise Growers Super Sweet Pineapple Chunks that were frozen and I gotta tell ya, diary, I love em and plan to go visit their website as soon as I finish writing to you.  I'm eating some and they are indeed sweet, even tho there is no added anything (just pineapple).   mmmm

After I left the store, I went to see Adria to retrieve my fan.  I was so happy to get the fan back I forgot to ask for my movie ("forrest gump").  Or my hammer.  And my paint thinner.  And the Kilz.  And my screwdriver.  And my paint rollers.  And my silicon.  And the caulk gun.  And...oh, well, dear diary, I know where she lives!

The evening is almost complete and I've only just now realized that wow, spring is here!  Well, dear diary, do have a good night, a good season, and oh! happy easter.  love, debra

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  1. My eyes are gittin' screwy... I could have sworn that you went to RELIEVE your fan.  I wasn't sure how the hell you do that.  Why would your fan need to be relieved?  I read it 4 times that way, then I saw it right.  
    Glad you got your fan back!


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