07 March 2008


Perl Beads are these little plastic pellet-type tubes with a hollow center that have a low melting point and can be fused together with an iron set on medium heat.  Be sure to use a thin paper between the beads and the iron, lest you ruin your iron with plastic goo.

They come in a variety of colors and with peg boards, which allow easy placement so that you can create designs to be fused so that you aren't chasing loose beads with a hot iron.  Never a good idea to be using a heavy hot object in such a way, altho I am sure some sadistic kid out there smashes cockroaches that way and will move on to serial killing humans when he gets older.  But I digress.

You can make little things with the perler beads, like keychains and necklaces.  You can string them to make beaded curtains (bless the patient diligent person who attempts that!).  You can even form them into pieces that dovetail together so that you have three dimensional objects like puzzle cubes, treasure boxes, or gingerbread houses and christmas villages (ditto on the blessings).  You can keep it simple, or go more complex; it's up to you!

I do use tweezers to place the beads on the boards; but when I am jittering badly, it is a lost cause.  I end up knocking beads on the surrounding pegs right off the board.  My coordination, fine motor skills, have never been exactly dexterous; but of late, my spastic tremors make certain activities a real challenge.

But boy you should see me dance!


  1. Oh ... cute poem/story!  Glad you shared it.  

  2. Well, blow me over with a spoon.  Do you have more 'motion in the ocean' than Mr. Obama?  THAT seems to be the BIG conversation at the water cooler this week.  Go figure.

    I'm with you Deb ... the tweezers work good, but if you're struggling you can always perl another day~


  3. I'm so glad you mentioned what that plastic stuff is....I used to have a perl bead jackolantern as a kid and it was my favorite decoration.


  4. You crack me up..........even when you aren't feeling your best, you can crack a joke.  BTW............love this little Hat Trick story. I have a grandson named Patrick Ireland.............think I'll show it to him.  Anne


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