27 September 2005

Tuesday, Aces

Well, Ace is a sweetee-heart, but ya'll have to take my word for that at the moment.  Cuz I am bushed and most likely so is he and I doubt I will get around to making pix tonight or tomorrow.  Soonest maybe Friday.

Ace is a sturdy lil guy.  Soft and sweet as can be.  He is named ACE because he has an ace on the top of his head, between his ears.

I bonded with him on the ride home.  Stopped at a friend's place for about 45 min and as I was getting ready to leave, I went in the house for a minute.  My friend had the leash and Ace lunged for the door to follow me in.

Got him home and I think he wants to be alpha dog.  Ziggee and Shaddow get along well together and neither seemed to have problems.  But Ace in the mix seems to be a tad bit different.

Ace has tried to mount Ziggee a few times and poor Ziggee is not accustomed to such base behavior.  And Ace went after Shaddow, who simply growled and he decided, maybe he should leave the bitch alone.  I'm gonna give us all adjustment time.



  1. I'm so happy that Ace is home.  He has the Best Mommie In The Entire World!!!

    Aunt Andi

  2. Ace sounds a spitirited little guy, especially where Ziggee is concerned! lol



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