29 September 2005


Me and my guy have been talking about boundaries and what constitutes as cheating.  I think we first started having those discussions the second week we knew each other.  We joke about the Pina Colada Song and having half a brain, but, in reality, this is an important issue and very sensitive as most important issues are.  What are some of your thoughts on the matter?

"Erotic chat grounds for divorce?
Wed Sep 28,10:08 AM ET
Erotic talk with a virtual partner in chatrooms on the Internet are enough grounds for a spouse to file for divorce, a legal magazine said Wednesday, citing a recent ruling in Belgium.
Belgian legal publication De Juristenkrant said the Brussels Appeals Court ruled that although transcripts of the erotic chatroom conversation do not prove adultery, they do constitute proof of "grossly insulting behavior" which is sufficient grounds to file for divorce."

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  1. Tacky, Tacky, Tacky.

    I see nothing wrong with persuing new information to spice up your love life via the media: seminars like the ones we see on Real Sex on HBO, magazines, whatever...and a little flirting online isn't over the line, but cyber sex is silly at best, and dishonors your spouse.

    I've always wondered how proponents of cyber-sex manage to type whilst pleasuring themselves...LOLL

    Is Scott there???  I didn't know you were having company!

    Say hi for me!



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