09 September 2005


For those of you who are animal lovers, or know of animal lovers, or know those folks who are carrying the lynda@portone.com info for animal rescue from nasty ole katrina, please take note::

that address is not any good any longer, mail is being returned as undeliverable.  I called the numbers that were provided with that address and the crux of the recorded outgoing message is this::

visit www.carams.org if you are interested in hosting, rescueing, adopting an animal.  PLEASE DO NOT call the numbers on that website's page.  They are asking that you fill out an online application and DO NOT call the CARA offices as they cannot handle the volume of incoming calls.  Again, fill out an application, then they will contact you.  This message was relayed to me via the numbers for Lynda V.

I cannot remember where I first saw Lynda's address (which journal) as I receive many journal alerts.  So, if you know, please the word.  Thanks.

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