01 September 2005

Happy Birthday to the Dose

It's been about a year since I began to publically journal with AOL.  Since then, I've changed ISPs but thankfully AIM was soon to offer the ability to create and maintain journals that can seemingly be identical to the AOL journals.  AHhhh, technology works its wonders again.

I've met some great people through the J-land community.  There are no persons that I do not have some sort of compassion, empathy, or fondness for here that I have met.  There are no mean-people-SO-suck that I've encountered.  Other than one slightly demented comment, I've received nothing but support and encouraging words from the community online.

There have been ups and downs.  I've shared frivolous moments, funny stories, some serious doubts and troubles, and some "omfg, can you BELIEVE this?!?" shockers that my lil ol mind rebelled against.  There have been great joys (winning Judi's first ever essay contest), personal triumphs (the efforts with NAMI), set-backs (medication issues and other doubts), glimpses into my personal life with others (my guy the grad student who is so much more and my folks, who defy any one category, like so many other truly interesting people).  You've comforted me in my sniffles, my strange moments of "ACK!!", and applauded my accomplishments.

I think, I'll stick around for another year.

Now, lets sing a song we all now:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY....

oh, and thanks.


  1. YAY  Happy Birthday!


  2. Only one demented comment? I have been remiss! I shall try harder in future.

  3. HAPY BIRTHDY............and MANY MORE!   Glad I met you Debra and I have enjoyed your company.  I am proud of your personal accomplishments via NAMI. Keep on blogging.     Anne

  4. thanks guys, and atta boy paul, i knew i could count on you to come thru!!  grins, debra

  5. Happy Birfday, Shugah!


    Andi and The Gerbies


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