18 September 2005

Autumn is Coming, segue into gas status

While I would not say that the weather of late has been cool, I would say that it has been less humid and less hazy and less hot.  Those combinations mean the heat index is closer to the actual temperature.  The temps have been in the low 90s and high 80s for about a week now, which in Mississippi that means we are approaching fall.

Other indications include the fact that they are doing the second cutting of hay as we speak, or I write.  Or type.  My allergies are not too bad, as long as I remember to take my meds.  And stay indoors until the evening comes and all the dusty pollen is laid down heavy with dew.

My doggies are especially frisky.  They can feel the change perhaps more acutely than I.  After all, I spend most of my time in climate controlled indoors, and they venture outside for longer periods, more often than I do.

The biggest sign to happen so far was that last night I went to bed and slept solid, with no waking for uncomfortable changes of sweated night clothing...and I woke up this morning shivering a bit under my sheet.  I have two window units, one in my bedroom and one at the other end of the house, in the kitchen.  I did not have the air on in the bedroom and the one in the kitchen was set on 2 out of the 15 settings, 15 being the coldest.

Some leaves have changed, but not many.  We don't usually see that happen until more towards the end of October into November.  I'm sorry to see the summer fading, though.

It does remind me that I have not seen my folks since last Christmas.  I miss them.  I have no idea when I will get out there again, especially with the price of gas.

I'm running on "low fuel" light lit up stage...and I've got several appointments to keep this week and have no idea where I am going to get a few gallons of gas to see me through.  It frustrates me, cuz I feel like I should have budgetted better.  But then I remind myself that I could not have forseen a hurricane sweeping through and gas prices being gouged, neither could I have predicted that one of our very strong team members would move from the state, leaving some unattended business.  Which I have no problems with any of that, except now I have, ya know, no gas.

There should be an adapter that I could buy that would allow me to pour urine in there.  Cuz I got lots of that.  Especially since I've been drinking allthis juice, water, and tea.

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  1. LMAO   YOU NUT!

    I have the same problem, my NAMI meeting is in the next town over on Tuesday, and it takes about 30-40 minutes to get there, depending on traffic.  I don't have the gas or money to buy more, either.  That peepee idea was disgusting, but viable.  You could use Scott to "Fill er' Up!"  LMAOOOOOOOOOO



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