16 September 2005

gotta keep em sep-er-ated

k, i've been fired up and on a tear of late.  this week has had its share of upheavle (sp?) and accomplishments.  the wear and tear, the toll activity like this has on my mind and body is not exactly miniscule.

but earlier today i started sweeping a cobweb here, a throw rug there, and before ya know it, i said, to myself (cuz the dogs were outside), I said, "Self, if you're gonna do this, then for the ever loving peace of your mind, just do it and do it right, use your methodology."  And I answered back, with, "hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeey, that's a good idea, Self."

No, I don't have a Dx (diagnosis) of multiple personality disorder (although I think we all have different aspects of our personalities that we hide away at times or that we let  shine when deemed appropriate).  Neither am I Dx'ed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  I just like things to be in their proper places and I like to clean them things in a specific way.

So don't go messing with my papers, my books (cuz lord do I understand why librians and bookstore workers fret over mis-placed/stacked books), or my cleaning supplies.  I'm not anywhere near the intellect of Monk, nor am I anywhere near that particular, shall we say.  But I do have this thing about mess, clutter, and germs.

So, PUT THAT DOWN before you spill it and I HAVE to clean it up....

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  1. After having the flu and bronchitis for 3 years in a row, I have now become a germaphobe. When the grandkids have a bad cough.........they stay at home. I am so happy to see that some grocery stores are putting santi-whipes by their grocery carts. Anne


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