23 September 2005

Plans for the Weekend

 I think that as we write, my guy is heading this way.  He has some studying for a test to do.  I've got a few library books to read.  We are both going to watch the two movies that I borrowed from the library.

  Since we'll have chili tonight, there are blander things to munch on as the rest of the weekend progresses.  Actually, come to think of it.  My mother used to butter crackers and eat them with her chili.  I have some cream cheese, that might make for an interesting blend of flavors.

Anyway, kids, don't go getting in too much trouble, ya hear?


  1. What happened to the fast Deb?
    By the way, I love all those movies!

  2. Ya GOTTA butter da CRACKERZZZ!!!

    Ya'll kids have fun! ;)



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