19 September 2005

Calling all you angels

Ok, guys, gotta request....

Things are really falling into place, as far as the NAMI support meetings go.  There have been the occassional snag but I didn't expect smooth sailing over peaceful waters.  Gotta have a gust or two to get where ya wanna go.


Having said that, I do need an extra helping of patience.  A whole heaping extra helping would be good.  So I don't blow my cool and undo some of the progress and great work we've done.  I don't want to go into more details than that.


In general, as these are all new groups, I hope that all of you will send me your warm thoughts, blessings, prayers, energies, etc.  Lord knows I need them.  I want to stay in good condition so that the new groups can have time to take firm hold.


With the price of gas being so high, and my check is being cut (long ass story, but suffice it to say that for some unknown reason the medicaid and medicare databases are not cross-referenced), I'm really in need of gas at the moment.  I will be able to be reimbursed, but at the moment, RIGHT now, I have nothing but fumes in the tank.  So hopefully something will happen to help me out there.

And thanks so much, everyone, for your encouragement.

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  1. Debra, YOU are definately in my thoughts and prayers. You are doing such a wonderful thing.  Anne


Thanks for taking the time and effort to let your thoughts be known!