28 September 2005

So it was a Wednesday like any other and suddenly

I realize, dude!  I'm severely low on gas.  Like, low fuel light low.  Like vapors and fumes low.

Exactly how low would I go?


I siphoned off the lawnmower.

So I could drive to the landlords.

(god bless em, this needy neighbor is always asking em about or for something, like the time I got arrested to come bail me out...)

So they could put a few more gallons of gas in my car.

And give me a check so I could get more gas.

So I can go co-facilitate this general support group tomorrow, which by the way, is a 60 mile round trip or more.

stew-pid me is not doing so great this month with budgeting, thank god it is almost over...

but wait!

oh, yes...

the gov'mt has cut my check starting next month....


well, ya know, medicaid doesn't always know what medicare is up to and vice versa; even tho they are both gov'mt databases, that for pete's sake is accessable to the local department of human services.....

but not to worry, says the nice social security lady behind plexiglass.

it should all get straightened out soon.

how long is soon?

Well, again, so glad ya asked, cuz soon is no more but up to 6 months.


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  1. I sure hope soon means within 30 days!  Anne


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