21 September 2005

Summer into Fall

As per usual, I am saddened to see summer pass away.  The days have been becoming noticeably shorter, night falls earlier.  Although, night and day are equal at this time of the year, I miss being able to sit on the steps at 8pm and enjoy the sunset.

Temperatures today seemed to reflect a last ditch effort to hang onto summer.  Some of my medications cause my sweat to sting and my face is very sensitive to this.  So earlier today, when I in West Point, I was doing a brief inventory of NAMI pamphlets and other handouts, when I realized my face was was sweating profusely.  When I went into the air conditioned building, immediately I felt better.  But the stinging and burning continued for some time.

Out on the Farm, we had the second cutting of hay.  Most of it is baled.  In a few days, they will move all the bales to my front yard.  Then they will send them to where ever it is that they need to go.  I wish I had a camera, I'd take a picture of these huge round things that remind me of the biggest shredded wheat biscuits I have ever seen!!

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  1. I'd like to see that!

    Hang in there, bebe'!



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